Rockin' Tots:


 Rock -n-Tots Schedule 2017-2018

 Fall (12 Week session)  September 7 - November 30

Monday     5:45pm      9/11 – 12-4

Thursday   9:30am      9/7 –  11-30

Fall (8 Week session)

Thursday  5:45 pm     10-5 - 11-30

Winter (12 Week session) January 4 - March 22

Monday   5:45pm       1/2 – 3-19

Thursday 9:30am       1/4 – 3-22

Spring (8 Week session) March 26 - May 24

Monday    5:45pm     3/26 – 5/21

Thursday  9:30am     3/29 – 5/24

Leotard (any color)
Tights (any color)
Ballet Shoes (pink leather)
Hair must be pulled back away from face!


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Rockin' Tots is designed for children ages 2-3 to experience the dance studio atmospher​e while having the freedom to express creativity through songs, rhythm, props and movement. Young dancers are surrounded by music, mirrors and barres - the same setting that one day will become a familiar place should they choose to continue their dance education. 40-minute classes are set in a relaxed atmosphere where FUN is the #1 priority.
Rockin' Tots is a stepping stone for our youngest dancers to prepare them for the day when they will be a part of our full-year program.

We carefully structure the classes to allow each child to participate in the activities when they feel comfortable doing so. Parents are welcome to come into the classroom for the first few weeks if their child is experiencing seperation anxiety; however, our goal is to have the children in the classroom alone with their teacher and assistant.

* * * * *

The following guidelines have been set to ensure a fun and positive classroom experience for everyone involved:


Parents may come into the classroom if necessary when the class begins and can stay for the duration.
Parents may not enter and exit during the class as it is extremely disruptive and confusing to the children.
Parents in the lobby who see their child crying on the monitor, please do not come into the classroom. The teacher or the assistant will do their best to engage your child in the activity. If they cannot calm your child, they will bring your child to you.
No video taping or picture taking is allowed during the class. Opportunities will be given to do both on the last day of class when the teacher invites the parents in for the whole class period.
Parents are not allowed to participate in the class. Our goal is to get each dancer to listen to and follow the teacher. If a parent must be in the classroom, please remember to be a silent observer.
Siblings are not to be in the classroom, as that is an added distraction to our very young dancers.

Rockin' Tots!
2017-2018 Session

Days and Times

Monday Evenings


Thursday Mornings


Thursday Evenings

5:45 -6:25

Rockin' Tots Attire:

Leotard (any color)
Tights (any color)
Ballet Shoes (pink leather)
Hair must be pulled away from face!

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