Classes & Dance Styles:

At Backstage Dance Studio, we offer a wide variety of classes for all ages and levels!

Ages 3-6. A ballet class designed specifically for pre-school children, including basic floor stretches, the eight basic movements of dance, and positions of the feet and arms. 

Attire: Pink Ballet shoes, pink tights any color leotard, hair pulled off face.
Ages 3-6. An introduction to tap for pre-school children. Classes are created to increase fine motor skills, musical awareness and basic tap sounds to later build upon.

Attire:  Black Princess tap shoes, any color leotard and tights or dance shorts with cami.  Hair pulled off face.

Ages 5-6. Designed for those dancers who enjoy be-bopping to upbeat music. This class increases flexibility and introduces movement with body awareness.

Attire:  Caramel slip-on jazz shoes, dance shorts or jazz pants with cami or any color leotard and tights.  Hair pulled off face.
Ballet Basics:
​Ages 7-Up. A class incorporating basic ballet fundamentals, terminology and use of space.

Attire:  Pink leather ballet shoes, pink tights, black leotard, hair in secure bun.
Tap Basics:
Ages 7-Up. This class emphasizes rhythm and timing along with combining basic tap steps. Movement and song make this a fun learning experience for young dancers.

​Attire: Black tap shoes, jazz pants or jazz shorts with cami.  Hair pulled off face.
A lively form of dance using basic to intricate rhythms. Students learn a variety of tap styles and techniques along with proper body alignment.
A high-energy class combining various jazz styles including classical, Broadway theatre, contemporary and funk.

An expressive, yet technically challenging, form of dance that combines ballet, jazz and modern dance styles. All lyrical students must be enrolled in at least one ballet class per week.

Attire: Black leotard or dance shorts with cami, convertible tights or bare legs.  Ask instructor about dance shoe.  Hair pulled off face.

Hip Hop:
Move and groove to your favorite music while learning the newest video dance steps.

Attire:  Loose fitting clothes, tennis shoes or dance boots specifically for classroom use.

A class with the basic ballet fundamentals, dancing in pointe shoes on the tips of the toes.

Attire:  Black leotard, pink tights, pointe shoes, hair secured in tight bun.

Cecchetti Ballet:
The Cecchetti Method of classical ballet (based on the teaching method of Italian Ballet Master Enrico Cecchetti) is offered for students who want an extra challenge. Students participating are able to concentrate more on technique and artistry through their studies in the method, and are able to be presented for exams in front of accredited examiners.

Attire:  Gr I Light blue leotard, Gr II Lavender leotard, Gr III Royal blue leotard, Gr IV-up Black leotard.  Pink split sole ballet slippers, pink tights and hair securely in tight bun.

Rockin' Tots:
Ages 2-3. A program designed to experience the dance studio atmosphere while having the freedom to express creativity through songs, rhythm, props and movement. Young dancers are surrounded by music, mirrors and barres - the same setting that will one day become a familiar place should they choose to continue their dance education. 40 minute classes are set in a relaxed atmosphere where FUN is the #1 priority! Click here to learn more about Rockin' Tots.

Attire: Girls: pink leather ballet shoes, any color leotard and tights. Hair pulled off face  Boys:  Loose fitting clothes, black leather ballet shoes or bare feet.

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